Getting the Most from Your Visit

Preparing for your appointment with MVMC is an important part of a successful visit. We really want to know anything that will help us deliver the care your pet needs. If your pet tends to be anxious or aggressive, or has any other specific needs, that’s important for us to know.

Here are some helpful tips for you:

  • Bring your pet leashed or in a carrier for everyone’s safety.
  • Provide prior medical records for each of your pets. We prefer to have records from all prior veterinary practices ahead of your appointment so that we have time to review them.
  • Bring a fresh stool sample from your pet to their annual wellness exam, or to a sick visit if your pet has diarrhea.
  • Bring a list of questions for the veterinarian and ask follow up questions. It can be hard to remember everything when you are on the spot. It helps us help you when we know what your goals are for your pet’s health and wellbeing.
  • Document any new and/or unusual behavior, and provide updates for any changes in their habits, for instance, a new food or supplement, or changes to their exercise, gait or sleep patterns. Video and photos can be very helpful in some instances.
  • Provide a list of your pet’s food and all their medications and supplements including the dosing information.
  • Let our staff know if your pet has any changes in behavior, eating or drinking, eliminating, or energy level.
  • If your pet is scheduled for a procedure, be sure to bring them fasted. If they are on medication, please let us know ahead of time so we can advise you on any need to adjust the timing of their doses.

When You Arrive for Your Appointment

Once you are checked in for your appointment, one of our veterinary technicians will start your visit by taking a medical history on your pet. Once done with the first part of the visit, the technician will bring your pet to our treatment area to check vital signs and share your discussion with the doctor. The doctor will perform a thorough exam of your pet and then will come in to chat with you about her findings. Based on your conversation, we will create an itemized estimate and discuss it with you so you can decide what treatments and medications you would like to pursue for your pet. With this transparency, you are able to approve or decline the diagnostic tests and treatments you choose based on our doctor’s recommendations.

Our doctor will email a detailed report of your pet’s visit to you. Please be sure to read through these notes as they often contain information that may answer your questions. The notes will include any recommended follow-up for your pet as well.